How do you get art commissions on Instagram?

How do you get art commissions on Instagram?


Illustrators who share or sell their art through the Internet usually face two problems: trying to sell an amount that helps them to be known and living with the smart people who steal their creations. As if these two variables were not enough, now we also have to add to this the part of dealing with the annoying people who think that by paying a commission they have more rights than in Patient Care.

So that we understand each other, commissions are more like a barter than a contract with a company. You commission a sketch of what you want to be drawn, pay the artist his commission and in a few days you will have the drawing in your hands.

However, what happens in many occasions is that “the clients” who order drawings for commissions think that by the mere fact of paying 4 euros they have all the rights. And let’s see…

Clieents From Hell and For Exposure are two of these accounts whose work focuses on sharing the miserable behavior of human beings when they pay and the infinite patience shown by freelance professionals.


The world’s largest entertainment company has never created a princess with a real body. For this reason, a digital artist decided to re-imagine the iconic Disney princesses, but in their curvy version.

Since the appearance of Snow White in 1937, Disney has helped produce the stereotypes of female and male beauty that reign in the world today, but are very difficult to achieve and do not reflect the vast majority of women and men of the globe.Female models have been repeated in the vast majority of characters that star in romantic stories, fantasy, where a prince must face threats to get the love of his damsel.

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Crystal is a promoter of the body positive movement, which was born as in 2007, and seeks to empower overweight people, while challenging and questioning the stereotypes of beauty, such as Disney princesses.

But the digital artist took it upon herself to draw princesses like Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, Snow White and Tinkerbell with curvy and plus-size bodies. The illustrations do not only show female characters, but she has also drawn different Disney princes with real bodies, such as Florian from Snow White or Eugene Fitzherbert from Rapunzel.


If we pay attention to the current legislation we are advised that all those who do an “economic activity for profit in a habitual, personal and direct way on their own account are obliged to register as self-employed in the Social Security”.

If you are just starting out or you work part-time, due to your low level of income you think that it is not worth paying the self-employed fee (283,30€/month minimum) and the corresponding quarterly tax return.

Although there is jurisprudence that it is not necessary to register as self-employed if your income is lower than the Minimum Professional Wage (SMI), this is not the current regulation and it is not clear what to do.

If you have an inspection and the Social Security considers that you should be sanctioned, you will have to pay all the outstanding contributions from the date on which it can prove that you have started the activity, with the aggravating factor of a 20% surcharge.

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To register as a self-employed artist, the paperwork to be done is not complicated and it is quite fast to deal with the administrative bodies that you have to go to.


The authors of any literary, scientific or artistic creation (writers, composers, etc.), artists, performers, producers of phonograms (records, CDs, etc.) and broadcasting organizations on their broadcasts (radio, TV channels, etc.).

The transmission or retransmission of works by broadcasting or other means of wireless communication, or by wire, cable, fiber optics, serving for the remote dissemination of signs, words, sounds or images whether or not by subscription or payment.

In addition, the Judge shall order the confiscation and destruction of copies of works or productions and their packaging or wrappings in infringement, as well as of all devices or equipment used in the manufacture thereof.

The interested parties may register their works in the Register of Copyrights, which is kept at the National Library, but failure to do so shall in no way prejudice the enjoyment and exercise of the rights recognized by the Law.

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