Who owns Vestiaire?

Who owns Vestiaire?

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For the expert, in whose temple of second-hand online luxury more than ten million customers worldwide buy and sell items from major labels, the current situation will drive the need for the industry to be dynamic, innovative and flexible if it wants to respond to the needs of consumers. “I think we will come out of this crisis with a different mindset: resale will grow because it is a more conscious and affordable way to enjoy fashion. The consumer of the future will buy less, but will buy better,” he believes.

Both trends – digital and second-hand shopping – are closely related to the DNA of Vestiaire Collective, which will focus its efforts on boosting its digital community and the interaction between its customers. “Behind every piece we sell there is a person and a story that will surely be relatable to the interested buyer, so we want to connect them so they can inspire each other. Sixty percent of our customers come to the platform looking for pieces they can’t find elsewhere and when they do they experience great excitement. It will be critical to turn online shopping into a social experience to attract new consumers.”

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The upper cabinet provides a comfortable and dust-free working space for the abrasion wear tester and is characterized by a Plexiglas® viewing window to control the test and a separable front for easy insertion and removal of the tester from the cabinet.

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The building, taking advantage of the natural slopes of the terrain, has been distributed on two floors. The lower floor houses the power and control rooms, such as a room with the switchgear, a room for the DC batteries and the control panels.

A square covered with wooden planks forms the open center around which five buildings are grouped: a conference room, an exhibition room for the Vitra Design Museum’s chair collection and the Vitra

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I am informed that he is sending it for additional review. After sending it, days later they tell me that the item is OK and that they will not refund my money. They state that the item meets the description in the ad and that I should have asked the seller if there was anything to note… I then wonder what the review process is for!!!

It is confirmed that I am not getting my money back. I phone a 902 number that takes minutes and minutes to answer and finally they escalate the case to a manager, who again denies me the refund and offers me a check for 100€ for a purchase, as a gesture of goodwill.

I wanted to let you know how they deal with Vestiaire Collective. Their differentiating element is the intermediation, a pity that this is exactly where they fail. Quite a problem if you are not covered by Paypal.

Who owns vestiaire? 2022

When asked why, he doesn’t hesitate: “Gucci has a lot to do with it. Today’s fashion is more and more inspired by vintage fashion, making people more interested”. The interest, as Blanchet rightly points out, translates into more demand for second-hand clothing (luxury, of course).

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We asked Marie Blanchet, the house expert on vintage items, to convince us of the advantage of buying a second-hand bag rather than a new one. She is so clear that it is difficult not to give in to her enthusiasm: