Does Mongraal go to school?

Does Mongraal go to school?

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Bugha’ is an example to be followed by millions of teenagers around the world, who wonder why they are “wasting their time” studying the list of the Gothic kings (or whatever the hell they study now), when they can have a great time playing video games and carving out a future as a competitor or, in the worst case, commentator on YouTube, which is how ‘Rubius’ started and he is not doing so bad.

This is the reflection that has made the parents of Jordan Herzog, aka ‘Crimz’, a portent in this ‘Fortnite’, who have decided to take their son out of school to devote between eight and ten hours a day to play and receive lessons from the popular game from Epic Games.

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Every month that passes Fornite becomes a more competitive game and the level does not stop rising. Professional players are getting better and better and eSports teams from all over the world enter to compete in this game.

Therefore, making a list of the best players is always complicated, as there is currently a lot of talent around the world. However, we have tried to create a list with the top 10 players for us, those who stand out in pure skill or teamwork. Without further ado, we leave you with it.

Professional player for Team Liquid, Vivid is currently considered one of the most efficient players. He is able to build a perfect structure, without wasting practically any material, which in professional games can become a victory.

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The FaZe leader has demonstrated on countless occasions that with his leadership, the team always achieves better results than expected. Although his great skills lean towards strategy, his individual skills are extraordinary.


Matt is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University. He appreciates all eSports titles, but focuses primarily on Fortnite and Call of Duty. Matt continually analyzes the game and plays the games himself to better understand the in-game decisions of the best players in the world.

Talented individuals from every continent play more than eight hours a day to stay fit and in shape. While other eSports titles require the same level of dedication, most have structured leagues and organizational stability. In competitive Fortnite, the former doesn’t exist and the latter is far from perfect. Players who hone their mechanics, editing, building, and aiming skills don’t see instant results through earnings or sponsors.

Epic Games’ $100 million investment in the competitive scene in 2019 shows exactly where Fortnite was at the time. On the precipice of the inaugural Fortnite World Cup event, the game couldn’t have been more popular. Players, both old and new, emerged as the cream of the crop during ten grueling weeks of qualifying leading up to the World Cup Finals in New York City.

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Due to the magnitude of the incident, the Police cut for two hours the route RP C-54, in the access that goes from the Cba- C. Paz Highway. The detour was through the intersection of route E-34 and C-45, towards Alta Gracia.

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“All the links I had were very important”, he continued and elaborated: “We all go through moments of heat and anger in any breakup, but I always separated well, I keep the good of the other, I think the other with the good of me and I remember each link very well, without anger”.

She also talked about the second chances she had with her ex-partners: “We exhausted all the resources and each one understood that it wasn’t that way. I tried to go back and I ended up realizing that it was not. It’s easy to give an opinion from the outside. I don’t regret having gone back or having tried”.