How long does it take to get a marriage license in Sacramento county?

How long does it take to get a marriage license in Sacramento county?

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Congratulations on your decision to marry in the Church! We here at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Community are pleased to assist you with your marriage preparation and plans for a meaningful, fervent and enjoyable wedding celebration.    The following is a general outline of what is involved in your marriage preparation.

In the Diocese of Phoenix the marriage preparation program takes at least NINE MONTHS.    Additional time may be necessary in some cases.    This allows time for a complete preparation for the sacrament.    For more information about this policy you can visit the diocesan website at

In San Francisco, the program follows the 7 steps outlined in the Diocesan Program. The following steps guide you through the program to help you understand and be prepared for married life in the church:

A more detailed outline of the program can be found by clicking here for our Marriage Checklist. More detailed information on marriage preparation and weddings in San Francisco can also be found in our Guidelines for the Sacrament of Marriage.

U.S. Marriage License

The County Clerk’s marriage license office issues marriage licenses Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. To get married in California, the couple must first obtain a marriage license from the County Clerk’s office. You do not need to be a U.S. citizen or California resident to apply for a marriage license.

Must have at least one witness at the ceremony (no age requirement, but must be old enough to know they are witnessing a marriage and be able to sign their name in the box).

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Must be 18 years of age or older, or if under 18 written consent of at least one parent and present a certified copy of the court order granting permission to marry. Emancipated minors are not exempt from this process.

NOTE: Marriage licenses are valid for 90 days from the date of issuance. If you do not marry within 90 days, the license will not be valid and you must reapply and acquire a new license.

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New York City has always prided itself on its openness and diversity.    We look forward to welcoming all couples who wish to get married and celebrate their weddings under the glow of our lights and its legendary sights, including numerous historic sites of the gay movement.    Whether you were born in New York, or are someone who wants to get married in the City, you now have that opportunity.

The New York City City Clerk’s Office will begin issuing marriage licenses (or permits) and performing civil marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples beginning Sunday, July 24, 2011.    The City Clerk’s Office will offer extended hours on that Sunday and for the next week in order to accommodate the increased demand.

Same-sex couples should NOT appear at the City Clerk’s office prior to July 24, 2011.    Same-sex marriage applications cannot be processed until then.    For general information about marriages in New York, please visit the City Clerk’s website and read the additional information provided below.

Marriage License Appointments

If you do not know what are the requirements to get married in California? in this article you will find each of the steps you must take to get married in this state of the United States, take note of each of the things you must do before you can make your marriage ceremony.

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If you are planning to get married, you need to read this post where you will find all the requirements to get married in California in the United States and in several cities of the same, since the documents vary from one to another.

You should not forget that the person officiating the wedding will charge you a fee, that is why you should ask how much the amount will be before hiring their services. The cost can vary from fifty to five hundred dollars, depending on whether it is a quick and simple ceremony or a very well known officiant, sponsoring a very elaborate wedding, the final decision is up to the couple.

San Diego is another city in California and has different requirements that you must take into account when getting married there; here are the requirements you need to get married in California:

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