Who is Google Workspace administrator?

Who is Google Workspace administrator?

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Most administrators will receive an email by January 5, 2021 at the latest, detailing the specific impact to your organization in these cases. Note that you will not receive an email if your settings are OFF for everyone or if you do not currently have an AppSheet subscription.

External shared contacts are users outside of your domain whom you add to your company directory. Previously, the limit was 50,000 external contacts. Now it is 200,000. In addition, the total storage limit increased from 20 MB to 40 MB.

This process helps simplify access management by using a single directory (the Workspace Identity and Access Management Platform or IAM) to manage login on macOS devices. In turn, this improves security by providing a single place to configure identity and access policies and reducing dependency on legacy identity infrastructures.

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We are now introducing several new enhancements, which will allow administrators to more easily perform common actions when managing users and domains in their organization, including workflow enhancements around the following:

When you select “Add a user” on the Admin Console landing page, you’ll see a new streamlined full-screen dialog, which displays essential fields first, including the user’s primary and secondary email addresses, and domain information.

When you delete a user, you’ll see information such as when the user’s data transfer will begin, the user’s suspension status, and how much time administrators have to reset the account if necessary.

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In addition, we updated the call to action for changing an existing user’s name or email address from “Change user name” to “Update user” to reduce confusion.

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Note: Your administrator privileges determine the roles you have available to you and the tasks you can perform. For example, an administrator with the Users privilege can only perform actions related to users, so they will not be able to see all roles, such as Billing. See more information in the Administrator Privilege Definitions article.

Customize organization details and set communication preferences. Review and accept compliance agreements, such as EU GDPR or the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). (HIPAA).

Your google workspace administrator disabled your google account.

Reporting Monitor your company’s use of G Suite and receive alerts on suspicious activity. Audit functions provide you with a record of changes so you can identify exactly the information you need.

App distribution With the G Suite Management Console you can distribute apps to employees and keep all company information protected on their iOS and Android devices. You can also use device management to distribute apps so that they are instantly available to all employees, check their usage, manage security settings, and lock devices or remotely wipe their data, all in a very simple way.

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