What is usually the down payment for braces?

What is usually the down payment for braces?

Orthodontics prices

Whether you already have braces or you are thinking of having them, we have put together in this article everything you need to know about braces so that you have a guide to help you throughout your treatment.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene, taking care of the diet that has been indicated to us, complying with the guidelines that the dentist has indicated to us and going to our regular check-ups. Treatments can be delayed for several reasons, such as, for example, that:

It is normal to wonder what to eat when you have braces and what not to eat when you have braces. In reality, you can follow a normal diet, as long as you avoid very hard and very sticky foods. For example, you can eat:

That the treatment goals will not have been met. It is possible that the intermediate situation in which you leave is even worse than the initial state of the mouth that led us or the dentist to prescribe orthodontics.

The objectives are no different in the first month and the rest of the treatment time. However, since the teeth will have not been moving for some time, it is possible to try to minimize the patient’s discomfort by doing things like:

Price of braces in mexico 2021

Hello! The cost depends on the technique to be used, type of brackets, if they are self-ligating or not, if they are metallic or sapphire, if you need extractions or not, ideal an assessment appointment to give an approximate treatment time and budget, Greetings!

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We must remember that the cost will depend on the type of bracket, quality of material and the knowledge of the specialist. A very low cost is not the best option, since there are so many places that by giving a very affordable cost have to lower the quality of the bracket regardless of the knowledge of the specialist, which can improve the results or get them faster and better, also can be the counterpart that the specialist is not trained as it should and the patient is never left as it should. It is always important to consult with an orthodontic specialist not for the price but for the quality of service, experience perhaps of acquaintances, real cases, or the quality of the professionalism of the Dr.

Orthodontics prices 2020 mexico

General orthodontics is aimed at the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of bone and dental malocclusions. Orthodontics is a long-term treatment. There are several types of orthodontics to be used in different situations: orthopedics, conventional and esthetic fixed orthodontics, aligners.

Normally, when brackets are removed, two removable thermoplastic retainers (essix) are placed in both arches, being an esthetic, comfortable and economical alternative. As a complement, fixed retainers are placed in the anterior teeth, consisting of a wire of a certain length usually attached from canine to canine on the lingual surface.

The brackets usually hurt between the first 5 and 7 days. The first time they are placed on the teeth is usually the one that causes the most discomfort, pressure during chewing, inability to chew consistent food and, in many cases, lacerate the oral tissues in the first month of installation. When you attend your next orthodontic check-ups you may also feel discomfort in the following days, this time of less intensity.

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Orthodontics in Spain

Our orthodontic estimates are closed and without asterisks. This means that before you start you will know the total price of your orthodontic treatment, including, if necessary, additional braces, retainers once the treatment is finished, and check-ups during the following 6 months. We don’t want you to have any unforeseen events. We are clear and transparent.

At Altozano Dental Clinic we want all our patients to have access to the treatments they need, that’s why we will give you an estimate with different payment options, always looking for the one that best suits you. In some cases you can make an initial payment and divide the remaining amount in different monthly payments, or make deferred payments up to 24 months without interest and without the need for an initial deposit. We will be happy to explain all the formulas and find the best one for you and your family.

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