Is vectone any good?

Is vectone any good?

Flavia Laos revealed the secret to increase her ‘pompis’.

We have already seen how, despite the fact that the group of virtual mobile operators are those that capture more lines month after month, not all of them do so equally, many of them even losing lines through portability, as was the case of Ortel Mobile, of which we now know the news of its closure.

But it seems that the shift towards a national prepaid offer that combined voice and data bonuses at a good price has not worked for Ortel Mobile, which has finally led to its closure, which joins that of many other brands of companies from different fields such as XL Móvil, Vueling Móvil, Vectone or Zero Móvil.

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This past week was born Vectone Mobile or Vectone Mobile, an MVNO under Movistar coverage that comes squeezing hard, and that is that although for now is only in prepaid has a competitive rate of 6 cents / minute.

The first 10 minutes of calls between Vectone Mobile will be free, with a monthly maximum of 500 minutes, where if we exceed those 10 minutes we will have to pay 13 cents per minute, and always with a call establishment of 22 cents. We do not know if this is a promotion or if it will be for life.

Calls to voicemail will be free for the first 10 of each month, then they will cost 13 cents. At the moment the web is temporary, and there is no more information on how to buy SIM cards, nor how to make the portability, but apparently the SIM cards will be free, although it will be necessary to make an initial recharge to have credit on them, logically.

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Is vectone any good? del momento

balambsgardener wrote:NBA+ wrote:Well that those who can sign up for the Hot Bird to enjoy the game … final of the Diamond Ball if I’m not mistaken. I’m not a fan of the hot bird, but I’m not a fan of the hot bird.

Search for the ZDF channel (I have it on 850, but the dials are approximate, depending on the time of retuning and the geographical area), and you will see that there are some channels called ZDFDoku, ZDFInfo or ZDFTheater. These channels will become Olympic channels: Athens 1, 2, 3 and 4. In theory they are not pay and we will be able to watch them, they replace the thematic channels that are broadcasting now, e.g. ZDF Theater. The channel that will broadcast basketball will be EinsFestival, which will be renamed Athens4. The programming you can see in the pdf that has put the friend NBA+.

Is vectone any good? online

In Krakow for Erasmus we recommend Residence, they are cheaper than apartments. For about 90€ or 100€ per month, with a shared room. Above all it is a good option for the first months, besides you can meet people to share an apartment with.

There is a residence in the Jewish quarter of Krakow, in Kazimierz. It is very good, but they pay 300€/month per person for a single room. If you can share a room, it would be just half that. Honestly, but for that price it is better to stay in an apartment.

In Krakow it is surprising to discover that most of the bars and pubs in the city are subway and, in fact, some say that in the basements of the historic center there are more than 300 pubs open until the wee hours of the morning.

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Jagiellonian University: founded in the 14th century by Casimir III, it is one of the oldest in Europe. Now you can visit the courtyard of the Collegium Maius that contains a mechanical clock that “animates” every day at 11 and 13 o’clock.

In Budapest you will not only find bars and discos but also the famous thermal baths where you can enjoy some amazing parties. This city is characterized by offering atmospheres of all styles so whatever you feel like a night you will find it.