Are taxi drivers regulated?

Are taxi drivers regulated?

Who regulates cab drivers

The Governing Board of the Madrid City Council today approved a draft amendment to the Taxi Regulatory Ordinance, which now includes some of the allegations that had been submitted by the Gremial Association and the Professional Federation, two of the most important associations in this sector.

The text, approved with the votes of the PP, PSOE and IU have voted against, includes that the maximum daily time that a cab can circulate is 16 hours, except for those licenses that have at least two employees working, in which case the day may be extended to 18 hours.

For their part, the opposition parties do not welcome these changes. In fact, the socialist councilman Manuel García Hierro believes that “first and second category licenses will be created”, and has also criticized the fact that an agreement has not been reached with all the associations of the sector and that nothing has been done before to solve the crisis that the cab sector is going through.

The councilman of IU has raised that “goes in the opposite direction that is intended with this regularization, since what would be done plainly and simply is to proceed to the total deregulation of the sector, introducing the possibility that a cab can operate continuously for 24 hours”.

Decree 84 2021

All our rates and taximeter prices are regulated by the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. Our company also has a minimum price policy that responds to the type of service we provide.

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Enjoy, for the same price, all the advantages and benefits that Taxi Class offers you. A fleet of high-end vehicles, Mercedes and Tesla with all the comforts on board and maximum security.

Prices vary depending on the route and traffic, but through the AMB website you can get an approximate price for a specific route. You can also call directly to the contact telephone number 93 307 07 07 and our customer service will be able to give you information.

All cabs in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona are regulated by the Metropolitan Taxi Institute (IMET) which depends on the AMB. This organism is focused on the administration and management of the cab service within this territory.

AMB provides on its website a route calculator through which we can know the price and approximate route. Our simulator has extracted the prices of the three examples of journey from this website.

Cab drivers regulation

The plenary session of the City Council has given the green light to the new cab ordinance of Madrid. The aim is to make the service provided in the capital, a “more competitive, innovative, environmentally friendly and safe”. In practice this translates into a battery of measures that regulate all aspects related to the cab business, from fares to releases, through a points-based license to penalize infractions and a dress code.

“The new text prepared by the Area of Environment and Mobility responds to the demands of the sector and provides it with the necessary means to increase its competitiveness,” they say from the consistory. The ordinance will become effective once it is published in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid (BOCAM), which is expected to be in the next few days.Below, we review the main new features of the cab ordinance of Madrid.

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The new cab ordinance of Madrid includes this demand and, among other new features, allows cab drivers to offer services at a closed price as already done by platforms such as Uber and Cabify and other companies dedicated to the rental of vehicles with driver such as Auro or EasyMove.  In order for cab drivers to offer a fixed-price service, it must be previously contracted.

Are taxi drivers regulated? 2022

This article makes a comparison, based on documentary research, between the service management model provided in Mexico by the transportation network company Uber and the traditional cab service. A conceptual review was carried out, from the sociology of work and the different forms of flexibility. Likewise, a documentary research was carried out regarding transportation regulations, reviewing some of the statements of actors involved in the provision of this service in the face of the debate raised by the entry of Uber to Mexico. As a result, it was found that Uber replicates the traditional cab management model, in relation to organizational flexibility and work relations.

This paper describes a comparison, based on a documentary research, between the model of management of the service provided in Mexico by the company of transport networks Uber, with the characteristics of the traditional cab service. To this end, a conceptual review was conducted, from the sociology of work, about different forms of flexibility of labor. Also, there was a documentary research about transport regulations, and reviewed some of the statements of actors involved in the provision of this service, in the debate sparked by the entry of Uber to Mexico. As a result it was found that Uber replicates the model of management of traditional cab, in relation to flexibility in the organization and working relations.

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