How much should I ask for in a lawsuit?

How much should I ask for in a lawsuit?

Minimum amount claim without lawyer

However, in order to avoid prejudice to claimants who are still interested in seeking employment (cases of short-term contracts, interest in improving employment…) and not having to worry about avoiding such automatism, Lanbide will automatically register you the day after the contract or social security registration, keeping the same date of renewal of the claim that you had before the placement. From that moment on and as long as you continue to renew your claim, you will have the status of job improvement claimant and not that of unemployed.

In principle, no. The claimant is discharged by hiring or by registering as self-employed and is automatically discharged the following day, maintaining the same expected date of renewal of the claim that you had before the placement.

How long does it take to file a labor lawsuit in chile?

When we apply for a loan, the ideal is to be able to pay it back in the amounts and time agreed upon, but unfortunately this is not always possible, since emergency situations may arise in which the money is needed for other things and in the end we spend what we had planned to pay off the debt. What happens if I am sued and I have no way to pay?

If you want to know exactly how much you could be sued for, the best thing to do is to get your special report from Buró de Crédito or Círculo de Crédito. That way you will know exactly how much money you owe and the maximum amount you can be sued for.

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Family Court telephone inquiries

A.- No, since they are only paid in the following cases: when the employee terminates the employment relationship for causes attributable to the employer; when the employee demands reinstatement and obtains a favorable result and the employer does not comply with the resolution issued by the authority; when the employee demands reinstatement, but his position is a position of trust.

A.- The Constitutional Indemnity only implies the payment of three months of integrated salary, back wages and other benefits that would have been accrued or that are expressly granted by the Law or the employment contracts.

Alimony lawsuit online

Family lawsuits are always complex, as they seek to ensure the best interests of the children. Child support, in this scenario, is probably one of the most common aspects to regulate among the interested parties, and because it is such a sensitive issue, it generates many doubts among our clients.

In the following guide I will tell you all about alimony, especially about who is entitled to request it, the existing types of alimony, the minimum amounts to be paid, how to initiate an alimony claim and what happens in case of non-payment.

According to Law No. 14.908, on Abandonment of the Family and Payment of Alimony, alimony or maintenance is the obligation of the parents, generally after divorce or separation, to provide everything necessary for the child to live normally.

Agreement signed before a notary: Signing an agreement before a notary is a fast and safe way to fix the alimony and guarantee the payment over time; avoiding the costs and time of an alimony trial. In this scenario, both parties must agree and draw up, together with a lawyer, the agreement where they will fix the amount of alimony and the day on which it must be deposited.

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